The Bag in box

The Bag in box

Bag-in-Box packaging minimizes the impact on the environment and brings efficiencies throughout all stages of its life cycle, reducing the carbon footprint by up to 60% compared to alternative packaging types.

Bag-in-Box packaging material composition

  • The inner plastic bag and the dispensing tap are designed to be as resource efficient and lightweight as possible without compromising protection of the product. They extend product shelf life to additional 3-12 months after opening compared to other packaging formats, greatly reducing the amount of food waste. Bag-in-Box bags are highly energy efficient to produce, requiring only 2 kWh per tonne, and contain 80% less plastic than alternative containers. They are recyclable, too.

Bag-in-Box supply chain efficiency

When Bag-in-Box bags leaves the manufacturing company,  it is flat-packed. In other words, bags uses 45% less storage and transportation space when compared to empty bottles and other traditional rigid containers.  After filling, shelf-ready Bag-in-Box packaging is stackable thus optimized for storage and transport, which results in better utilization of pallets, trucks and warehouse space. By reducing the number of pallets and trucks on the road we reduce both packaging waste and carbon emissions.

Bag-in-Box recycling

Designed for recyclability and we encourage our customers and end users to properly dispose Bag-in-Box packaging utilising available collection systems.


Bag-in-Box life cycle assessment vs other packaging alternatives:

  • 70-85% less waste than wine bottles
  • Up to 8 times less carbon footprint per pack, compared to PET bottles
  • 4 times lighter on average than HDPE alternatives
  • Up to 5 times less carbon footprint per 1000L, compared to beverage cartons
  • Up to 50 times lighter than steel alternatives
  • Up to 17 times more efficient to manufacture than HDPE alternatives
  • 42% less CO2 on average than the next best alternative
  • 50% lighter on average than the next best alternative




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